Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Begining

So, Ill start by telling you the basics. I'm Kaitlin, and this blog is about the trials of my life, friends, school, crazy siblings, my pursuit of a career in writing, and music. Ive decided to keep everyone in my Posts confidential (In order to keep them from freaking out, my friends specifically...whom I will force to read this blog).

The flowering idea of this blog was planted today, when a random string of events and ideas took place, here is the story: There I was sitting at my computer, updating my facebook status, when out of no where Guitar Guy(One of my best guy friends who I'm in love with, yet he is painfully oblivious to that. He is also teaching me how to play guitar) was knocking on my door. He suggested that we hang out and go to the park, I agreed mainly because I had to take Sam(my puppy) on a walk anyway, and because I was super bored.

After being at the park for awhile me and Guitar Guy were swinging on the swing set, when the idea for a blog popped into my mind and after much discussion... here I am (rockin like a hurricane?? Sorry you must forgive me, sometimes I cant help but to compare things with song lyrics ) Making my first Blog post ever!

You all deserved to know how it happened, and there it is... in all of its blogged glory. :).

Peace guitars and pixie dust,
your friend in writing,


  1. Carry On My Wayward Son....Don't You Cry No More....Once I Rose Above The Noise And Confusion....Just To Get A Glimpse Beyond This Illusion(: