Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caffeine addicts anonymous

Hello out there!
long time no post... Well in other news the last few days have been pretty much monotone for me. The first grading quarter of the semester is coming up and Ive been working my @$$ off trying to get assignments done and turned in.. SO MUCH STRESS! With all this added stress ive also noticed something else...

My caffeine intake has raised significantly. Estimated cups of coffee a day: 8-9. Pretty pathetic huh? So in a moment of self-revelation/pity I got to thinking, how many other people are like me? I know people in corporate America definitely have caffeine problems. So,you tell me.... are you a caffeine-A-holic? Also if you have any suggestions for a caffeine supplement that isn't coffee leave a comment, its much appreciated :)  

So as for my non-exsistant love life... Well if you read my previous post, then you'll know I'm in love with one of my best friends and hes oblivious. Well here is the story behind that. So last summer me and guitar guy had summer school together and hung out all the time. He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I agreed. We were together for about two weeks when I broke up with him, foolishly thinking that was the right decision. We stopped talking for a few months, until one day he randomly sat next to me on the bus about a month ago. We started talking and he told me he would teach me to play guitar, and last Saturday he came over. A dozen Tabs, chords, and the intro to smoke on the water later, we were sitting around laughing when it happened, the kiss. Nothing more has happened, but I'm still an emotional wreck about it.... Friends. Or could it be something more?

One last thing, Monday I watched thecoolest anime movie of my life! If you ever find a spare two hours I recomend  watching Howls moving castle. Coolest movie ever! Well I have to go pick up my Chinese food :)

Peace guitars and pixie dust,
your friend in writing,


  1. I too am a coffee lover:}

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Howl's Moving Castle....One of thee best movies EVER!!(:

  3. Well done! caffine is sublime, isn't it?

  4. Hi my name is Miss M and i am a caffiene-aholic. Today i have had 3 glasses of the decadent, delicious, ice chai tea lattes. I bought the concentrate from Starbucks. Glad i could get that off my chest.
    also kisses = something more. (; good luck!